PMMA: PMMA is a two part methyl methacrylate based acrylic resin, which cures very rapidly once the catalyst is added shortly before the application. Hence, both the installer and the end customer benefit from the labour time reduced to minimum. Within just an hour from the application, the surface is fully waterproof and shortly after this time foot traffic is allowed.

PMMA liquid applied waterproofing is a cold applied, flame free system consisting of one coat of primer (if required), PMMA resin coating and a reinforcement made of polyester fleece fabric.
Polymethyl methacrylate resins were first synthesized in 1930’s and they quickly made their way to practical applications as the material proved to be exceptionally durable.

Firstly too rigid to be applied as flexible coating, it took some time before it was used in roof waterproofing. It was in 1970’s that a special PMMA formulation was developed to meet the performance standards of flexible and resilient waterproofing coating.

Now PMMA advantages are particularly appreciated by roofers and installers on jobs with difficult access, roofs with multiple penetrations, when flame-free application is required and short curing time is essential.

PMMA liquid roofing solutions are also a perfect choice for areas requiring resistance to certain substances that may negatively affect traditional roofing products: vegetable oils, environmental contaminations, foot traffic, UV impact.