Silicone: a silicone roof coating system is a layer of silicone that is applied to a flat roof. It usually dries as a single-ply membrane that protects a roof from moisture, mold, UV radiation, and severe weather. It can be applied to roofs of any size as long as they are flat and in relatively good condition. The roof is one of the most critical parts of any building, but it’s also one of the most difficult and most expensive components to fix. A good roof will last between 25 and 50 years depending on what kind of roof it is, but it can also cost thousands of dollars to replace or repair it when it is too heavily damaged.

It’s easy to assume that there is no way around having to fix a roof, but there is a much cheaper solution that can extend its life and help you avoid costly repairs. It is known as a silicone roof coating system, and when you have it applied correctly, you can make it so you can go for years without having to replace your building’s roof.