KEE membranes


KEE is an abbreviation for Ketone Ethylene Ester, a high-molecular-weight polymer with elastomeric properties and favorable melting properties for thermoplastic processing. Although KEE is most commonly used in roofing, it is also used in geomembranes for secondary containment for petrochemical storage and other industrial chemical applications. It is manufactured solely by DuPont™, under the brand name Elavloy®. There is also an ASTM International standard, ASTM D 6754-10, which regulates the standards for roofing membranes that use KEE. This standard is commonly referred to as the “KEE Standard” and requires that a minimum of 50% by weight of the polymer content of the roofing membrane be KEE. Therefore all roofing membranes that contain KEE may not comply with the “KEE Standard” but still provide many of the same benefits. This molecule can replace plasticizers in roofing membranes as a solution for flexibility that will not migrate out of the membrane. When mixed with PVC, KEE provides many desirable characteristics in roofing membranes, including:
* Easy heat welding due to melting properties
* Resistance to chemical attack
* Weather resistance
* Long-term flexibility
* Durability
* Resistance to microbial growth
* Energy efficiency