Aluminum: Aluminum is another common material used in metal roofing, although it is not used as often as steel, largely due to its higher cost. Many contractors prefer to use steel roofing because it is cheaper, so it can be more difficult to find someone who will install aluminum roofing. Aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion and rusting. It can therefore be a good choice for roofing in areas that are exposed to salty air. Aluminum is also much lighter than steel, so it can be much easier to handle and install.

Aluminum may not be suitable for panels measuring 35 feet or longer.

Aluminum is generally not as structurally strong as steel. While this is usually not a problem, it can become an issue if you need panels of 35 feet or longer, when it may be necessary to use a stronger metal, or higher gauge material such as steel.

In terms of longevity, aluminum roofs will generally last longer than steel ones, and they will not corrode, even when install in close proximity to the coastal area. Another argument in favor of using aluminum is that the difference in the cost of the materials is almost negligible between the two.